NATURELO Vegan K2+D3 – Plant Based D3 from Lichen – Natural D3 Supplement for Immune System

About this item

  • Better Together: Vitamin D3 and K2 are perfect partners that work together to help your body absorb and use calcium properly, so that it goes into your bones — and away from your arteries and soft tissues.*
  • Healthy Bones & Heart: Vitamin D3 + K2 work together to support healthy bone density and healthy blood vessels for healthy circulation.* If you take calcium, adding D3 + K2 will support healthy calcium metabolism.*
  • Plant-Based D3: Most Vitamin D3 supplements are made from lanolin secreted from sheep skin. Our vegan D-3 is completely plant-based and sustainably sourced from wild-harvested lichen.
  • Active K2: Vitamin K2 as MK-7, a bioactive form of the vitamin that shows better bioavailability in humans and has well researched benefits for healthy bone building.*
  • Clean Label: Non GMO. Gluten Free. Vegan and Vegetarian. Does NOT Contain Soy, Dairy, Nuts, Additives, Preservatives, or Coloring. Made in the USA in a GMP compliant facility.