WaterWisk Equine Sweat Scraper

  • MADE TO LAST: Unlike traditional sweat scrapers that are made of hard plastic, rubber or steel, the WaterWisk’s blade is made from specially formulated polyurethane that will never harden or crack. Because of its simple design, this is one bathing tool that will withstand years of heavy use.
  • GENTLE ON THE BONY PARTS: Because the blade is soft and flexible, it can be used on all parts of a horse’s body, even hip bones, legs and faces. However, there’s still plenty enough resistance to effectively remove a surprising amount of water from the coat with each swipe.
  • DESIGNED LIKE A BRUSH: Easy to maneuver, the WaterWisk’s handle allows you to reach all the areas you would normally reach with a standard brush. And because you’re using it with a more natural motion, it’s more comfortable to hold than a standard sweat scraper.