WashBar Natural Horse Shampoo Bar

  • SO EASY TO USE – don’t fight gravity and lose liquid shampoo onto the ground. So much easier to use a bar of soap and a wet sponge for those difficult to reach places. Suitable for a quick wash using as a mane or tail shampoo. Replace your regular shampoo and conditioner with a single bar soap as an essential part of your dog or horse grooming kit.
  • SHOW READY COAT FOR ALL COLORS – grey and white horses and dogs have whitened and brightened coats for a show ready finish. Our whitening shampoo formulation leaves a brilliant white bright finish – use instead of a purple shampoo hydrating the skin. This incredible horse wash even brightens darker colors for a rich, healthy & glossy coat. It’s a terrific dog whitening shampoo bar and works with short or long coat animals.
  • HEALS AND REPAIRS – Horse care at its best! Natural medicated dog shampoo bar to heal irritation associated with allergies and itching as well as eczema, dandruff and other mild skin conditions requiring a sensitive shampoo leaving the horse hair or coat beautifully clean and healthy. Find itch relief using this solid shampoo bar treatment. Relieves itching and soothes the skin. Also helps with hair growth for dogs.