Coat Defense Daily Preventative Powder

  • HORSE ITCH RELIEF: Our daily preventative powder is an effective rain rot treatment for horses! Formulated with natural ingredients, it provides relief from your horses’ itchy and inflamed skin caused by insect bites, allergies, hives, or sweet itch. To clean and deodorize your horses’ skin, just brush this powder through its coat, mane, and tail. It offers a beautiful shine without any need for soap, water, or harsh chemicals!
  • ELIMINATE RAIN ROT, FUNGUS & MORE: The perfect wound care for horses! Forming an effective barrier against skin and coat ailments, our waterless shampoo for horses helps in drying up sweat and keeping your horse looking and smelling great. Additionally, this powder works to eliminate and prevent skin and ailments like rain rot, thrush, scratches and odor.
  • PREVENT SKIN FUNK: This powder protects against infection and dissipates odor! To prevent “skin funk”, use this powder under saddle pads, blankets, and in therapeutic boots to keep your horse dry and odor-free. Use this powder to prevent chafing/rubs under equipment like boots and Rx boots. It can be used as a horse scratches treatment as it prevents scratches or mud fever which can later lead to leg fungus that can turn into harmful cellulitis on your horse.