Garden Statues and Figurines Mushroom Decor Lawn Ornament Outdoor

  • Mushroom ornaments are bright red, which is more conspicuous in the green grass. Mushroom garden statues will make your garden more beautiful
  • For you who like gnome, this mushroom statue is the best companion of the best fairy Figurines , and together they form the most beautiful backyard garden for you.
  • The mushroom statue is made of hard resin, 6 inches high, high enough not to be covered by lawn, and easy to be found.
  • Use multiple scenes: you can put it anywhere you like, in the soil, on the moss-covered ground, on the terrace, on the lawn, in the yard, on the glass scales, or use it as an accent in the flowerpot (outdoor/indoor) to make your garden and plants more interesting and beautiful.