Glass Jars for Food Storage

  •  (size 9.5x 8cm, capacity 380ml), 2 * (size 9.5 x 11 cm, capacity 620 ml), 2* (size 9.5 x 19 cm, capacity 1050 ml), 1* (size 9.5 x 22 cm, capacity 1320ml), 1* (size 9.5 x 30 cm, capacity 1880ml). The food storage container can not only store solid food such as noodles, rice, coffee, etc., but also store liquids food such as oil, honey, and jam.
  • This glass jar is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass and the solid bamboo cover with silicone ring can be sealed to keep food fresh.
  • The airtight effect of our glass jar is very good. The bamboo lid of the jar glass has an airtight design with a silicone ring that will allow you to securely seal your jar to keep your food fresh and safe.
  • Our glass jar is made of transparent glass. So the food inside is visible, you can retrieve your stored food quickly and easily. It is simple and beautiful, sturdy and durable, easy to clean and rinse, round glass without difficult corners. Glass storage containers can be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning.
  •  After cleaning, put the bamboo lid of the food storage container in a ventilated place to dry.When using the dishwasher to clean the food storage container, please do not put the bamboo lid in the dishwasher.