Gunnr 4x32mm Prism Scope, Red and Green and Blue Dot Sight Scope

  • High performance tactical rifle scope with 4×32 magnification for close to mid distance shooting out to 300+ yards
  • Glass Prism Optical System: Using a glass prism optical system instead of a refractive lens system like a traditional telescope can achieve better optical quality in a smaller package.
  • Clean Sight Picture: The difference with the red dot is that regardless of the lighting or environment, the marking can be seen with or without lighting to obtain a clear sight image.
  • Built To Last: New single piece machined aluminum design, sturdy and more rigid than ever, guaranteed to hold zero against the strongest of recoil
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Gunnr backs this firearm accessory with our usual strong warranty and friendly 24/7 customer service, ensuring that you’ll enjoy its use for years.