Baja Beef Jerky Sampler Pack

  • 100% NATURAL BEEF: Baja Jerky’s beef is all natural, which means it is minimally processed and contains no artificial ingredients. Our low carb jerky is great for camping food and gift baskets! Or as an on the go snack, gluten free snack or meat snack.
  • VARIETY PACK: Each flavor in our variety pack brings different kinds of tastes with our sweet and heat mixtures. They also have tenderness unlike any other beef jerky you’ve had. Includes Traditional, Salsa Fresca, Lime & Serrano Pepper & Sweet Orange.
  • PROTEIN PACKED: Our flavors contain 60-70 calories and 10-11g of protein per serving (25-27.5g of protein per jerky snack pack) making it the perfect snack to fill you up for any type of activity or whenever you need a quick protein snack!
  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS: Our low fat jerky is the healthiest on the market, with the lowest salt level out of all jerky brands as well as no added hormones, nitrites, nitrates, MSG or preservatives. It is also gluten free and keto friendly! Grab a pack and go.